FREE Mortgage Readiness Workshop!
Guidelines change everyday in the mortgage industry - "Find out how we can HELP you navigate the mortgage and credit process!"

Join us for this FREE educational workshop that will provide the guidance and information needed to prepare for qualifying for a Home Loan!

Trying to obtain a mortgage has always been a daunting and confusing process. Increased regulation and changes in the market have even made it more confusing. This FREE workshop will answer all the questions you have ever had about how to qualify for a home loan. Join our industry experts with more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry and see how you can achieve your dream of homeownership!  
   How to increase the odds of qualifying for a mortgage.
    We have services to improve credit scores at little to no cost.
    We teach how to navigate and understand the mortgage process.
   What not to do before applying for a home loan.
    How banks calculate income to determine a borrower's purchasing power.  
    Programs for first-time and repeat home buyers
     How to access down payment programs in your area.
     Secrets that banks don't  want you to know about.
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Brighton Park Chicago Public Library
4314 S Archer Ave Chicago, IL 60632
Saturday, November 10th 10AM to 12:00PM